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Our Board

President – Tapukitea Tupou-Tuipulotu Tapukitea is the current club President and co-founder for the Hawaii Titans. She is the former VP for Hawaii Women’s Rugby. She was born in Hawaii and raised in Tonga. Speaks fluent Tongan and Hawaiian. She’s a wife and mother. She likes trying new eateries, helping with community services and projects, and loves any type of paddling sport

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Coordinate, administer, and foster national amateur competition in the sport of Rugby Union in the state of Hawaii

Support and develop amateur athletes for national competition in the sport of Rugby Union

Foster productive working relationships among organizations active in the sport of Rugby Union

Promote and encourage physical fitness and public participation in the sport of Rugby Union

Carry on other charitable activities associated with the GU

“The only Pain in Rugby is Regret” 

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

Play for yourself and for your mate

Rugby, the fastest growing sport in the work, brings together people from all over the world. Here in Hawaii there is no exception to that rule. Join locals and people from all over the world and we play the true beautiful game of hard hits and love for the sport. 

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